1974 Seiko Chronograph (Ref. 6138-0017) "UFO"

During the 1970s, Seiko produced a variety of different chronograph watches, and these timepieces have become favorites among today’s collectors due to their funky designs and of-the-era case shapes. One of the most popular is the Seiko Chronograph ref. 6138, which is best known by its “UFO” nickname due to its large, rounded case that lacks any type of lugs protruding from its sides. 

In addition to its “UFO” nickname, the Seiko ref. 6138 chronograph is also sometimes called the "Big Eye/Small Eye” due to its asymmetrically sized sub-dials, and the model even appeared under the “Yachtman” name in one American distributor’s advertisement at the time. The Seiko UFO offers a distinctly sporty and racing-inspired aesthetic, which is emblematic of chronograph watches produced during the 1970s. Its unique case shape and distinct design make it instantly recognizable, and one can be spotted on the wrist of French acting legend Jean-Paul Belmondo in his 1972 film, La Magnifique (more famously known by its English title, The Man From Acapulco).

Stock # SKO61380017-2
Brand Seiko
Style Chronograph
Model 6138-0017
Serial 2NXXXX
Size Men's
Material Stainless Steel
Dial Black
Millimeters 44
Bracelet Seiko Stainless Steel Bracelet



The distinguishing characteristic of the Seiko UFO is its unique rounded case, and this example remains in great overall condition despite living a previous life. Although the 44mm stainless steel case does show some signs of previous polishing, its lines remain well-defined and its surfaces are free from any significant marks or signs of damage. Completing the watch is its original stainless steel Seiko signed bracelet.  


The original matte black dial is in excellent condition and has silver registers that have aged gracefully over the years and now feature accents that appear a warm pale yellow color. The hands are also in great condition with yellow-finished chronograph hands and luminous material on the centrally-mounted hour and minute hands that are completely intact and starting to develop a warm patina.


None. Watch is functioning and keeping time, previous service history is unknown.