1975 Seiko Automatic "Bullhead" Chronograph (Ref. 6138-0049) Brown Dial

This is the classic 6138-0049 Seiko Bullhead chronograph. Seiko started producing this timepiece in 1975 and concluded the production in 1978. The 6138 line of Seiko's are highly collectible for two reasons; the Seiko-designed 6138B movement is very precise and highly accurate, and they are a blast back into the iconic design trends of the 1970s. The name Bullhead comes from the unique ergonomic shape of the case that features an asymmetrical thickness, being thicker at the top and slimmer at the bottom. Rather than having the crown and chronograph pushers on the right side of the case, like traditional chronographs, the movement has been rotated so the crown and pushers are at the top of the case, at the 12 o'clock position, giving the chronograph pushers a resemblance to the horns of a bull. The theory behind this unique design is you’re less likely to engage or disengage the chronograph with the pushers at the top, as opposed to the side. The design of the Seiko Bullhead was built around the active sporting lifestyle.

The Seiko Bullhead came in two dial variants; a copper dial with gold subdials and a black dial with light blue subdials. Brown bullheads also come in additional SpeedTimer variants. SpeedTimer Bullhead variants were produced for the Japanese Domestic Market and were sold exclusively in Japan and surrounding areas. The Bullheads produced for the rest of the world wore the standard "Chronograph Automatic" markings.

Stock # SKOACH61380049-2
Brand Seiko
Style Automatic Chronograph "Bullhead"
Model 6138-0049
Serial 52XXXX
Size Men's
Material Stainless Steel
Dial Brown Vignette
Millimeters 43.5
Bracelet Seiko "Fishbone" Bracelet


The impressive asymmetrical case shows strong angels and finishing throughout with only minimal signs of previous use. The brown tachymeter bezel is in excellent condition with no fading or notable signs of use. The case retains its original pump pushers and crown. The case back retains its original factory markings in deep and crisp condition. The original Seiko "fishbone" style bracelet retains 15 links showing minimal stretch and will fit up to a 7-1/2 inch wrist.


The original brown vignette dial is in exceptional original condition showing no age or damage. The lume remains fully intact and bright white in coloration. The original hands match the dial perfectly with no degradation present under U.V. light inspection.


None. The watch is keeping time and functioning perfectly, previous service history is unknown.