1978 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date (Ref. 1530) "Unpolished"

 In the late 1970's and early 1980's quartz timepieces were dominating the market and yes even Rolex was affected by what is now known as the "Quartz Crisis" of the late 1970's and of the early 1980's. These Rolex models produced in this era referred to as "Oysterquartz" and were only produced in the Oyster-Perpetual Date, Datejust, and Day-Date models. However, in this time period, Rolex still had a demand for automatic mechanical timepieces. Thus creating the crossover production of Rolex mechanical movements in the new "Oysterquartz" designed cases. This occurrence was rare from the beginning making production numbers of these timepieces extremely low, making their rarity even more so today.

Vintage Rolex Oyster Advertisement

The angular case design, integrated bracelet, with sapphire crystal give this watch impeccable presence on the wrist. This watch is extremely comfortable to wear and, while still being under the radar, adds a much different stylistic flavor from the traditional design. These Oyster Perpetual Date's are rare in their own right, but it's even more uncommon to find them in this immaculate of condition. 


Stock # RLXOP1530
Brand Rolex
Style Oyster Perpetual Date
Model 1530
Serial 51XXXXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Silver
Millimeters 34
Bracelet Rolex 17000 B Integrated Oyster Bracelet


The sharp unpolished case is absolutely stunning in almost "new old stock" like condition, showing only very little signs of wear and crisp factory finishing. The smooth stainless steel bezel shows no signs of wear or corrosion. The sapphire crystal is scratch and blemish free. The original Rolex 17000 B integrated Oyster bracelet is unpolished with little wear and no stretch from use.


The warm silver sunburst dial is completely flawless in condition. The original tritium lume plots have taken on a wonderful creamy patina and under U.V. light inspection, exhibit no lume degradation. The original tritium hands match the dial perfectly and show no lume loss or degradation under U.V. light inspection. The silver date wheel is era correct with open 6's and 9's.


None. The watch is running at spec, additional service history is unknown