1982 (Royal Canadian Navy) Tudor Submariner (Ref. 94010) "Lollipop Hand"

Although Tudor made Submariner references containing the "snowflake" dial well into the mid-1980's, in 1978 Tudor introduced a new dial format of the Oyster Prince Submariner which included round and triangular indexes as seen on this 1982 Tudor Submariner Ref. 94010. This new dial format would replace the "snowflake" configuration and would last well into the late 1990's on the Tudor Submariner line of timepieces.

RCN Tudor

In the late 1970's and throughout the 1980's the Royal Canadian Navy issued Tudor Submariners Clearance and combat divers in the RCN were given Tudor Submariners as early as the 1960s. However, since no ledger book exists (like the two service ledgers that the Marine Nationale kept), collectors of these watches must rely on information gleaned from online forums, as well as the expertise and knowledge of the most seasoned among them. One of the most well-respected of these is Ross Povey. The specific Tudor was sourced in Canada from a former RCN Diver and upon receiving the watch we reached out to Ross Povey to confirm consistency with other known RNC Tudor submariners which are confirmed via the reference, the serial range, and engraving on the caseback which are consistent with other known RCN Tudor Submariners out of this era.

 RCN Tudor Submariner

Many of the later RCN Tudor watches have what is commonly referred to as a lollipop hour hand. The Lolipop nickname comes from the "Non -Mercedes" like hour hand which is a very rare and early variant for transitional Tudor Ref.94010 Submariners. Additionally, the reference of this specific Tudor Submariner, the serial range, and engraving on the caseback are consistent with other known RCN Tudor Submariners out of this era.


Stock # TDRSUB94010
Brand Tudor
Style Submariner
Model 94010
Serial 97XXXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Matte Black
Millimeters 40
Bracelet 2pc Leather Handmade Strap (Tan)



The honest case remains unpolished showing wear from use with factory chamfers still visible. The original bezel insert is missing the pearl but remains in vintage condition with a scratch above the 20. The case retains the original Rolex signed "trip-lock" crown. The case back is engraved with the watches serial number and has been looked at by the utmost expert on RCN Tudor military watches, this engraving is consistent with other known RCN examples. Additionally, the watch was sourced directly out of Canada from a formed RCN diver. The watch will come on a 2pc leather strap or NATO of your choosing.


The matte black dial is in wonderful vintage condition. The lume plots have taken on a gorgeous yellow coloration The original "non-Mercedes" hour hand is in exquisite condition creating a unique and feel look to the watch. The original hands match the dial perfectly, the hour hand lume was stabilized at some point previously before receiving the watch here at C&T.


None, The watch is keeping time at spec but additional service history is unknown.