1982 Tudor Advisor Alarm (Ref. 10050)

There was a time when alarm watches were the most functional complication a watch could have. Released in 1957, the Ref. 7926 was the first Tudor Advisor. Whilst the Cricket and Memovox used a case with two backs to amplify sound, the Advisor used an adapted Rolex Oyster case. Unusually for an Oyster case, neither of the crowns are signed with the iconic Rolex coronet. If the crowns are original, then both will be unsigned. The top crown wound, set and activated the alarm and the bottom crown wound the main movement and set the time.  

Tudor Advisor ref. 10050

In 1969 Tudor released the Ref. 10050, the successor to the previous two Advisor references. Instead of the Oyster case, a more 'traditional' alarm case was used with an external case back that increased the volume of the alarm. The lugs of the watch were different as well although both crowns were still unsigned. Stick hands replaced the older dauphine hands and the new Tudor shield logo replaced the rose at 12 o'clock position on the dial. The Caliber AS1475 was also replaced with the Caliber 3745.  

Stock # TDRDD100582
Brand Tudor
Style Alarm
Model 10050
Serial 97XXXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Silver
Millimeters 34
Bracelet 2pc Shell Cordovan Leather Strap (Natural)



The case of this 1982 Tudor Ref. 10050 alarm is in stunning condition. The case is sharp and retains its original case geometry and factory case finishing. Both of the unsigned crowns are original to the piece and remain in sharp condition.  The watch will come supplied on a 2 piece handmade Horween shell cordovan strap.


The Dial of this 1982 Tudor Ref. 10050 alarm remains excellent condition. The dial has taken on a wonderful warm patina. The hands show a light patina and the tritium lume within the hands remains intact and show no degradation when viewed under U.V. Light. The red alarm hand remains in its original condition and retains its red finish which provides a stunning contrast 


None. The watch just received a full service and comes backed by a 1-year warranty on accurate time keeping.