1985 Tudor Submariner (Ref. 76100) "Lollipop Hour Hand"

The Rolex/Tudor relationship dates back to 1926 when Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex SA, wanted to create a more affordable alternative. Tudor manufactured Submariners adjacent to the Rolex submariner for many many years. In 1954, the year following the release of Rolex's Submariner, Tudor released their first Submariner as an affordable alternative that didn't lack in quality or craftsmanship yet leveraged a non-inhouse Rolex movement. 

Although Tudor made Submariner references containing the "snowflake" dial well into the mid-1980s, in 1978 Tudor introduced a new dial format of the Oyster Prince Submariner which included round and triangular indexes as seen on the ref. 76100 and subsequent ref 79090. Ultimately this new dial format would replace the "snowflake" configuration and would last well into the late 1990s on the Tudor Submariner line of timepieces. 

This would make a great addition to a growing collection or be a great first piece as it retains the classic and timeless look of the Submariner while being unique as a result of the original Tudor design elements.

Stock # TDRSUB76100-2
Brand Tudor
Style Submariner
Model 76100
Serial .12XXXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Matte Black
Millimeters 40
Bracelet 2pc Handmade Leather Strap 



The case is in strong condition and remains symmetrical with signs of being previously lightly polished. The original black bezel insert remains deep black in coloration and shows no wear from use. The watch retains its original Rolex signed trip-lock crown. The case back retains all of its original Tudor factory engravings. 


The matte black dial is in exceptional and original condition, showing no blemishes or signs of age. The tritium lume plots remain bright and have a slight ivory patina with some subtle dark spots, under U.V. light inspection the lume plots exhibit no degradation. The original hands match the dial perfectly, under U.V. light inspection the "lollipop" portion of the hour hand has been professionally restored with tritium to match the dial, the rest of the lume remains original, the minute hand displays some surface cracking but remains stable.


None, The watch just received a full service and is keeping time perfectly, backed by a 1-year warranty on accurate timekeeping.