1986 Rolex Submariner (Ref.16800) W/ Guarantee Paper

This Rolex Submariner ref. 16800 is a very cool and transitional piece that combines the best elements of both the vintage and modern Rolex Submariner into one complete package. 

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The Rolex Submariner Ref 16800 was first introduced in late 1979 and was the first Rolex Submariner model to include a sapphire crystal. In addition, Rolex also introduced the signature click spring and the bezel became unidirectional instead of the previous bi-directional operation feature of the bezel found in the ref. 1680 offering more accuracy and further securing the bezel from movement while being used for diving. The Rolex Ref 16610 was in production for 10 years and there are many variants within the reference range.

This specific example from 1986 would make a great vintage daily driver for the man who appreciates the elements of vintage meets modern but needs the durability of a sapphire crystal and the water-resistance of a trip-lock crown. This Ref 16800 has achieved a "matte" finish on the originally glossy dial, an attractive characteristic paired with the white gold lume plot surrounds.

Stock # RLXSUB8616800-3
Brand Rolex
Style Submariner 
Model 16800
Serial 93XXXXX
Size Men's
Material Stainless Steel
Dial Glossy Black "Matte"
Millimeters 40
Bracelet Rolex 93150 Oyster Bracelet W/ 593 End Pieces



The strong case has been very lightly polished in the past and retains very full and symmetrical lugs that show minimal signs of use. The bezel insert is a late luminova replacement and is in excellent condition, showing no fade and almost no signs of use. The Rolex 93150 Oyster bracelet with 593 end pieces retains 11 links that show light stretch from use. 


The originally glossy black dial with white gold surround markers has achieved a consistent matte patina and texture throughout. The tritium lume plots have aged to a warm creamy coloration and exhibit no degradation when inspected under U.V. light. The original tritium hands match the dial nicely and show no degradation when inspected under U.V. light.  The white date wheel is era correct with open 6's and 9's. 


The watch comes with its original Rolex guarantee papers. The watch was recently serviced and is keeping time within COSC spec, backed by a 1-year warranty on accurate timekeeping.