1991 Rolex Day-Date (Ref. 18238) 18k YG "Onyx Dial"

For a short period of time Rolex manufactured timepieces featuring exotic materials. Such as dials mode from various minerals, woods, and stone including Black Onyx, African Mahogany, Lapis Lazuli, and Birch among others. Most commonly these watches were produced in 18K yellow gold. These style variants are always strikingly vivid with high contrast and minimalist design. Due to only being in production for a short era, today's collectability for these pieces is very high.

1985 Rolex Day Date Onyx Dial (Ref. 18038) 18k YG

The exotic dial collection that was released for a very limited time and good examples of these original references are becoming increasingly harder to find due to collectors holding onto them and low production numbers to begin with. This specific 1991 Day-Date ref 18238 is absolutely stunning and would make a great addition to an existing collection or as a stand-alone watch that is strikingly different and employs the use of mixed natural materials. This exclusive and executive-level Day-Date is sure to be a stand out among the executive crowd and will always remain exclusive and sought after.

In 1988 Rolex released the cal. 3155 also known as the double "quick-set" which allows the quick setting of the day and date complications by rotating clockwise/counterclockwise while in position 2 making the setting of the watch quick and easy.

Stock #
Brand Rolex
Style Day-Date
Model 18238
Serial S1XXXXX
Size Men's
Material 18K Solid Gold
Dial Onyx Stone
Millimeters 36
Strap Rolex President 18k YG



The 18k yellow gold case remains in excellent unpolished condition with light signs of honest use. The 18k yellow gold fluted bezel remains unpolished as well. The sapphire crystal remains clean showing no blemishes. The Rolex President style 18k yellow gold bracelet with 55 B end pieces is in exceptional condition exhibiting almost no stretch and retaining 22 links.


The deep black Onyx stone dial is absolutety flawless showing no blemishes or cracking that can sometimes happen with Rolex stone dials. The original non-luminous hands are in excellent condition as well.


None. Watch was recently serviced and is running at COSC spec. The watch will come with a one year warranty on accurate timekeeping.