1998 OMEGA Speedmaster Professional (Ref. 3572.50) "Sapphire Case Back"

Alan Bean Omega Speedmaster NASA

(Alan Bean With An Omega Speedmaster Professional On Lunar Surface Of The Moon)

The Omega Speedmaster Professional is by far one of our most favorite chronographs. The Speedmaster has an incredible history starting with automotive racing moving into flight and eventually to NASA and the U.S. Space Program.  There are many subtle differences within the vintage Omega Speedmaster range of references that make them all slightly unique and different. 

Buzz Aldren Omega Speedmaster

(Buzz Aldrin Wearing His NASA Issued Omega Speedmaster Professional, Apollo 11)


This discontinued model is similar to the ‘standard’ Moonwatch model reference 3570.50 but with a sapphire case back. In the current Omega collection, you can still find the Speedmaster Professional with a sapphire case back, but it also has the sapphire front crystal. This reference 3572.50 has the Hesalite crystal on top and the sapphire crystal on the back which makes it more original to the Moon watch offering but with the exhibition case back. The Omega Caliber 1863 movement was the successor of the Caliber 863 movement. The caliber 863 was based on Lemania’s caliber 1873 and was used by Omega till 1996 but the Omega cal. 1863 has a different finish than the 863 dubbing Cal. 1863 movement as the "fancy" movement due to the sapphire exhibition case back


This Ref. 3572.50 Speedmaster Professional features the workhorse cal. 1863 movement with upgraded rhodium metal on gorgeous display through the sapphire caseback. Omega upgraded the cal. 1863 with rhodium metal, from stainless steel, to create a more ornate and luxurious design for the movement. 

Stock # OMSPM186398
Brand Omega
Style Speedmaster Professional
Model 3572.50 (Cal. 1863)
Serial 4836XXXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Black
Millimeters 42
Bracelet Omega 1998/849 Bracelet 


The case remains unpolished showing very little wear. The bezel is in perfect condition. The case back is sapphire giving you a full view of the stunning cal.1863 rhodium movement. The Omega 1998/849 bracelet is in excellent condition with light wear, exhibiting almost no stretch


The black matte dial is flawless. The tritium lume has aged to a wonderful creamy yellow coloration. The original hands have aged slightly lighter than the dial. Under U.V light inspection, both the hands and dial show as fully intact without any signs of lume degradation.


None. Watch is running at COSC Spec.