1963 Rolex Chronograph Pre-Daytona (ref.6238)

The Rolex reference 6238 is frequently referred to as the “Pre-Daytona,” but it merits attention outside any comparisons to the later much better-known reference 6239. The Rolex Ref 6238 is a very important intersection in Rolex history as it marked the introduction of the more modern and streamlined look in the early 1960s, starting a look for the brand that would only marginally change over the next 30 years. The dial shows this evolution the most precisely. It abandoned the tri-color style of its predecessors as can be seen reference 6034, 6234,  instead opting for a uniform finish, silver or black. 

Anyone with enough money can buy a Daytona, but the 6238 is a watch that should be only reserved for a person who digs the details. This piece demonstrates class and sophistication quietly and is eye-catching to the person or persons who understand the details like the blued sweep seconds  hand, the thin hands in the oversized subdials and the unique no tachymeter dial

Stock # RLXCG6238/63
Brand Rolex
Style Chronograph (Pre- Daytona)
Model 6238
Serial 95XXXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Brushed Silver
Millimeters 36
Bracelet Rolex 7205 Bracelet w/ 57 End Pieces



The case of this early Rolex Pre-Daytona ref 6238 has been previously polished but remains in excellent condition showing thick and even lugs. The Rolex oyster rived 7205 shows normal wear and a very light stretch from use and comes complete with 57 endpieces. Inside caseback is stamped 6238.


The original dial of this early Rolex chronograph is breathtaking and considered to be transitional as the normal tachometer is replaced with an infrequently seen minute track and with the Anti-Magnetic designation over the 6 o'clock subdial

The radium lume plots are in an amazing condition showing no lume degradation and have achieved a stunning golden patina The original alpha style hands remain untouched with lume fully intact showing no degradation and have also achieved the same golden patina as teh lume dots. The blue sweep seconds and blue subdial hands all remain original to the watch in excellent condition without corrosion. When viewed under U.V. light,  the lume within the hands and on the dial glows intensely then quickly dies at the same rate. The dial and hands also read properly when using a Geiger counter  (Radex RD1503)


None. The watch when placed on a timing scope runs flawlessly and it is keeping time perfectly but extended service history is unknown.