1970's Ernest Borel Sub 200T Shark Hunter

This 1970's Ernest Borel Sub 200T SharkHunter is a very rare and uncommon mid-size vintage Dive watch. Ernest Borel Sub 200T Sharkhunter diver with stunning eccentric Near Mint matte Tritium lume dial & original matching handset. This cool circa early 1970s dive watch is in Excellent original vintage condition overall. The story on this Sharkhunter, which is like a 37mm cross between a Submariner and Doxa's bigger, more famous model, is that at this time Aubrey* owned Doxa & Borel and had no compunction about using a virtually identical dial and model nomenclature across two ostensibly separate brands.

The dial has taken on the name of the "Shark Tooth Dial" as a result of the home plate style markers located at the 6, 9, and 12 o'clock positions on the dial. The broad and high contrast white hands are instantly recognizable as DOXA and possess a unique and cool factor that makes this piece stands out. This specific piece is eye catching, unique, and would make a great conversation piece while on the wrist!

Stock # EBRSH200T
Brand Ernest Borel/DOXA
Style Diver
Model Shark Hunter 200T
Serial N/A
Size Mens
Material SS
Dial Matte Exotic Dial 
Millimeters 38mm
Strap Original Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelet



The case shows the original factory finishing and we believe that it remains in unpolished condition. The awesome mesh style factory bracelet remains in wonderful condition and shows very minimal stretch. The bezel and insert are free of any scratches or blemishes and also remains in original factory condition. 


 The "Shark Tooth" dial remains in flawless condition. The hands and the dial have been inspected under UV light. The tritium lume plots remain fully intact and show no degradation.  Some of the lume plots have slight dark spots which are commonly seen within the reference and during this era and can only be seen under a loupe and under U.V. Light. The high contrast white tritium lume filled hands also are in immaculate condition and show no lume degradation. 


None. The watch is running within spec and is keeping time accurately. Additional service history is unknown.