Military Issued Heuer Pilot’s "Bund" Bundeswehr Chronograph "Small 3H"

German Heuer Pilot  

The Bundeswehr chronographs were a general Issue chronograph for a number of military forces which included the German Federal Defense Force throughout the 1960s and 70s. Trying to identify and categorize Heuer Bunds is quite the difficult task. Long story short, there are well over two-dozen dial variations to account for. To the untrained eye, many of the dials seem to be the same, but as it goes with collecting vintage watches in general, the devil is in the details. The most recognizable variants to collectors feature an encircled “3H” stamped on the dial, which is an abbreviation for hydrogen-3, a luminous material many of us know as tritium. This is a rare and sought-after model that is becoming highly collectible due to its wrist presence and military history additionally the manual winding Valjoux caliber 234 movement is a proven and robust workhorse of a movement

Heuer Bundeswehr chronograph

5 general configurations of Heuer-branded Bundeswehr chronograph dials:

-The "classic 3H/T" - a red 3H-symbol appears just below the dial center, and a tiny "T" appears just above "6".
-The "3H-only" - a red 3H-symbol appears just below the center.
-The "T-only" - a tiny "T" appears just above "6".
-The "clean" - no markings beyond the "Heuer" logo.
-The "sternzeit" - STERNZEIT REGULIERT markings just below the dial center.

4 variations of the "3H" symbol:

-The "standard" 3H.
-The "big-letter" 3H - The circle is the same size as standard, but the letters are larger and fill The circle more completely.
-The "small-letter" 3H - The circle is the same size as standard, but the letters are smaller and there is a small dot in the center.
-The "small-circle" 3H - the circle is noticeably smaller and the 3 is stacked over the H to the left. (Most Uncommon)

Stock # HUR110633-2
Brand Heuer
Style Chronograph
Model "Bund" Bundeswehr
Serial N/A
Size Mens
Material Stainless
Dial Matte Black  "small-circle" 3H
Millimeters 42mm
Strap Hand Made Leather Strap



The case of this Heuer "Bund" is absolutely stunning and original condition. The case is thick and sharp remaining unpolished and shows original bead blasted military anti-reflective finishing. The top of the lugs near the bezel is flat-topped and correct. The crown and pushers remain original and the military serial number is intact and visible on the caseback. The bezel is stunning showing no wear and very minimal fading


The "small-circle" 3H dial is in striking and original condition and not as common as the other 3H dials seen on the Heuer Bundeswehr Chronographs. The tritium lume numerals on the dial and the tritium filled hands remain fully intact and in perfect condition showing zero lume degradation when inspected under UV light. 


None the watch just received a full service and comes backed by a 1- year warranty on accurate timekeeping.