PolyWatch Plastic Crystal Polish & Scratch Remover

$ 12

If you have a vintage Rolex or Omega with an acrylic crystal then you will most likely need to have a tube of this magical stuff laying around. PolyWatch is a simple yet effective compound that is used to bring a scratched acrylic crystal back to life. The compound contains a very fine grit that when applied to the crystal and polished will restore and take out the surface scratches or scuffs on the acrylic crystal.

  • PolyWatch removes scratches from plastic watch crystals
  • Apply a small amount of PolyWatch to the crystal and polish with a microfiber cloth
  • The scratches will disappear and the surface of the crystals will look as good as new
  • 5-gram tube that is sufficient for approximately 10-12 uses

NOTE: PolyWatch is to be used on acrylic crystals only. This will not restore sapphire watch crystals. Also, PolyWatch will work on light surface scratches or scuffs, deep scratches will need professional restoration or crystal replacement.