1973 OMEGA Speedmaster Professional 145.022-69 "Straight Writing Case Back"

 Nasa Omega Speedmaster

(Alan Bean With An Omega Speedmaster Professional On Lunar Surface Of The Moon)

The Omega Speedmaster Professional is by far one of our most favorite chronographs. The Speedmaster has an incredible history starting with automotive racing moving into flight and eventually to NASA and the U.S. Space Program.  There are many subtle differences within the vintage Omega Speedmaster range of references that make them all slightly unique and different.

This specific example is no exception as you will find that this 1973 Omega Speedmaster professional possesses the rare commemorative case back with the straight writing which was in production for less than 3 years from around only 1970/1974. The straight writing case backs were Omega’s first commercial response to the Speedmaster’s involvement during the NASA 1969 Moon landings


Buzz Aldren Omega Speedmaster

(Buzz Aldrin Wearing His NASA Issued Omega Speedmaster Professional, Apollo 11)

The step dial or "Pie Pan" Omega Speedmaster's possess a charm and feel that that the new modern equivalents don't seem to quite have. The Ref 145.022 with the workhorse Cal. 861 movement is clearly built to last. The Speedmaster looks great on the bracelet as well as a handcrafted leather strap. It is one of our favorite chronographs due to its timeless design and functionality. Its versatility to be paired with the most formal and the most casual of wardrobe also makes the Speedmaster a good choice for the first vintage timepiece and or a classic daily driver.


Brand Omega
Style Speedmaster Professional
Model 145.022-69
Serial 32,XXX,XXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Black
Millimeters 42
Bracelet Omega 1175/640 Bracelet with 47 End Pieces


The excellent thick case retaining the original case geometry. The insert is free of any major blemishing and remains in wonderful overall condition retaining a deep black coloration. The original Omega 1175/640 Bracelet comes with 47 end pieces and is dated 10/73. The bracelet retains 20 links and shows normal stretch from moderate use


Amazing black matte "Step" dial is in immaculate vintage condition. The tritium markers on the dial and within the hands have achieved a wonderful creamy yellow patina. Both the dial and the hands are matching and show no signs of degradation when inspected under U.V. light.


None. The watch was recently serviced and is running at COSC Spec backed by a 1-year warranty on movement.