Rolex Submariner Sea-Dweller DeepSea - Mondani

$ 720

Rolex Submariner Sea-Dweller DeepSea - Mondani

When approached with a question that isn't easily answered, here at Craft & Tailored our first reference in sourcing the answer starts with the Mondani Horolilogical publications. Tried and trusted, this collection of information is your best option for understanding the nitty and gritty details of vintage or modern high-end timepieces. 


In these two volumes you will find everything you have always wanted to know about modern and vintage Rolex Submariner, Sea-Dweller and DeepSea watches: more than 1,500 pictures, which represent the entire production of Rolex diving watches.


Detailed information on every component of all published watches
Unpublished images
High quality pictures of all watch details
Updated prices and estimates

These two books will reveal everything, just everything: from the better-known models like the classic Submariner 5513 or the “Two-Tone”, the nowadays most sought-after models like “Hulk” and “Kermit”, extremely rare collector’s items like the Sea-Dweller Single Red Writing prototype or the Sea-Dweller Oman dial to the prestigious modern limited editions, like the Sea-Dweller “Polipetto” and the Submariner “Relojeria Alemana.”