1970's Sandoz Monsoon (Ref. 1776Z-84-8) "Roulette"

Henri Frédéric Sandoz born in 1851, founded Henri Sandoz & Cie., in the 1870s and would later produce complicated watches under the name of Cyma. He later created a watchmaking firm in Malleray, Switzerland with the Schwob family. Their new business was known as Tavannes Watch Co. By the time of Sandoz's death in 1913, many of the watches produced by the firm were made under the name of Henri Sandoz & Fils. The scant and scattered history of the Sandoz brand is palpable and becomes further diluted, as the Tavannes company also went by many other names such as Tavannes-Cyma, Bijou Watch Co., Tacy Watch Co., and Lisca. But it doesn't stop there...

Since 1971 the Sandoz brand has been parceled off into four lines of production. This created four separate brands, Sandoz Swiss, Sandoz Singapore, Sandoz Hong Kong, and Sandoz Spain, with each brand having their own line of watches, and Sandoz Swiss being the highest quality of them all. 

This stylish underdog presents some handsome and quirky features: a checkered, faceted crystal, a triple date complication featuring both a Farsi and English day wheel, a double crown, and a perfectly 70s color palette on the dial. Interestingly the month wheel is changed with the rotation of the top crown, the day and date complication is can easily be changed through a quick-set setting within the bottom crown.


Stock # SDZMNS1776
Brand Sandoz
Style Monsoon
Model 1776Z-84-8
Serial N/A
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Grey/Orange
Millimeters 39mm
Bracelet 2pc Handmade Leather Strap


The strong, unpolished case remains in excellent condition, with very light signs of honest use and sharp edges. The interior black bezel reveals no signs of age. The original faceted crystal shows minimal signs of wear. The case retains its original twin "Sandoz" signed crowns. The caseback retains a partially worn-off factory sticker and all engravings are fully intact and legible. The watch comes on a two-piece hand-made leather strap.


The dial is in beautiful condition, with all lume still intact, exhibiting no degradation under U.V. light inspection. The dial, markers, and date windows are in excellent condition, showing no signs of age. The original tritium dauphine hands are in excellent condition as well, exhibiting no degradation under U.V. light inspection.


None. The watch is keeping time and functioning perfectly, previous service history is unknown.