JFM Machine Studio

Small Match Scratcher

JFM Machine Shop is based here in sunny Los Angeles California and works almost exclusively in solid brass. Similar to the watches we curate within our collection we are obsessed and love items that are built to last, get better with age, and serve a functional purpose. JFM Machine Studio takes solid brass billet and turns that brass into functional Objet d'art that are just as timeless as they are functional pieces of art.

Machined of solid brass, the scratcher is over 3” tall and is elevated off the tabletop by an inset pedestal.  The Pedestal Striker holds an entire box of kitchen-sized “strike anywhere” phosphorus tipped matches. The striking surface will mark with each strike, adding your own history of use to the piece.  The flat top, bottom, and pedestal surfaces may be polished as you would with any other brass item.  

Brand JFM Machine Studio
Style Match Striker
Size 3.350"H x 3.000"W
Material Solid Milled Brass