Tropical 1950s Gallet MultiChron 45 Film Chronograph

Gallet & Co. has been a cornerstone of horology for 550 years, tracing its origins back to the year 1466 when it was founded by Humbertus Gallet. The company introduced some of the most significant wristwatch complications we recognize today, including the first wrist-worn chronograph, regatta timer, and GMT chronograph. Even today, Gallet commands great respect among vintage enthusiasts, admired for its meticulous attention to detail and superbly crafted wristwatches.The MultiChron line of watches designed by Gallet is the most popular and revered by collectors because of their usually larger case sizes and tool watch applications. The MultiChrons were always designed with an intended purpose in mind and their highly legible dials make for perfect daily wearing. 

This intriguing Gallet MultiChron 45 chronograph is an exceptionally rare variant, known as the Film Chronograph or Film-O-Graph, and it is technically a cinematographer's watch. The dial is distinguished by the outer scales, which are used to calculate the film usage of a video camera. The outer black chronograph ring indicates the number of feet of 35mm film (the 'professional' standard) run through a motion picture camera, at the standard exposure rate of 24 frames per second, for example, 45 feet at 30 seconds. The inner red ring indicates the number of feet of 16mm film (the 'amateur' standard), at the same frame rate, for example, 18 feet at 30 seconds. To our knowledge, only a handful of these variants are known to have been produced by the Gallet company. 

Stock # GLTFLM
Brand Gallet
Style MultiChron 45
Model Film Chronograph
Serial 92XXXX
Size Men's
Material Stainless Steel
Dial Tropical 
Millimeters 37
Strap 2pc Handmade Leather Strap


The large and strong condition case is beautifully preserved with crisp, angular lugs that display minimal signs of use or previous polishing. The case retains its original pump pushers and unsigned crown. The case back is in excellent condition with minimal signs of wear shown. The watch comes on a 2pc handmade leather strap.


The original dial features one of the most beautiful, impressive, and vibrant tropical patinas we have seen, which is further amplified by the colors that originate from the original design. Apart from the obvious aging present, the dial exhibits no notable damage that detracts from the aesthetic value of the watch. The printing on the dial remains perfectly present and legible. The dial features the "hooked 7" numeral which is characteristic of Gallet Chronographs of the 1950s. The blued hands are all original to the watch and remain in excellent condition with gentle oxidation present.


None. The watch is keeping time perfectly, but the service history is unknown. A movement service can be provided upon request.