Tropical 1964 OMEGA Speedmaster (Ref. 105.003) CAL. 321 "Ed White"


Tropical 1963 OMEGA Speedmaster (Ref. 105.003) CAL. 321 "Ed White"

(Ed White With An Omega Speedmaster 105.003 During First American Space Walk During The Gemini 4 Space Mission)

The Omega Speedmaster is by far one of our most favorite chronographs. The Speedmaster has an incredible history starting with automotive racing moving into flight and eventually to NASA and the U.S. Space Program. There are many subtle differences within the vintage Omega Speedmaster range of references that make them all slightly unique and different and of course highly collectible. The Omega Speedmaster ref 105.003 Speedmaster "Pre Professional" is also known as the watch that NASA astronaut Ed White wore during EVA for NASA during the Gemini IV mission on June 3, 1965. Ed White became the first American to walk in space while wearing an Omega ref 105.003.

This specific example dates to 1964 and has a stunning "Tropical" brown dial. The watch also retains its original dot over 90 (DON) bezel which has taken on a sought after and visually pleasing grey blue fade. Additionally, the case remains thick and retains the factory case geometry showing honest wear from use.



Stock # OMSPM64321
Brand Omega
Style Speedmaster
Model 105.003
Serial 20,XXX,XXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Matte Applied Logo
Millimeters 42
Bracelet Hand made leather strap


The case is in excellent overall condition showing honest wear from use while retaining thick and even lugs. The original bezel insert is "Dot over 90" (DON) and has achieved a wonderful grey fade which is eye-catching in the light and provides a unique contrast to the dial. The "Pre-Moon" Seahorse adorned case back has very minimal wear and is clearly visible. The crown is an early omega replacement as is the bottom pusher which was replaced at some point during a service interval. The watch will be provided on a handmade leather strap of your choice (Dusty Suede Shown)


The matte "step" dial with applied Omega logo has taken on a deep and even tropical brown coloration and the dial itself is free from any scratches or blemishes. The tritium markers on the dial shows some lume degradation but when viewed under U.V. Light still show the presence of tritium. The original hands show some patina and glow properly when exposed to U.V. light. The hour hand does show some lume degradation as can be seen in the photos.


None. The service history is unknown but the piece is running at spec and keeping accurate time.