*Unpolished* 1979 Rolex Datejust (Ref. 16018) 18k YG "Buckley Dial"

The Rolex Datejust is one of the most iconic and beloved made by Rolex. Launched in 1945, it remains a timeless classic and is instantly recognizable as an item of superior quality and functional design. The Datejust can be worn just as easily with a suit as it can be in jeans and a t-shirt. The Datejust would make a great start for a new vintage collector and is always a great addition to an expanding collection. The Rolex Datejust ref. 16018 is a transitional reference as it retains tritium lume but features a sapphire crystal and the Rolex cal. 3035 “quick-set date” movement.

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The Roman numeral marker dials are commonly referred to as "Buckley Dials" after a Rolex collector coined the term. These special Rolex dials are differentiated with painted numerals instead of the more commonly seen applied marker, along with matching black hands. The Buckley dial is most commonly seen in the steel and two-tone Datejust range, however, on very seldom occasions the Buckley dial is seen in a yellow gold Datejust or Day-Date. The yellow gold Buckley Rolex's are respected as the rarest amongst the Buckley dial variants are have become true collector's items within the vintage watch community.

The unpolished 18k yellow gold case has achieved a beautiful rose patina and features multiple hallmarks, including an elusive French importation hallmark only used on gold Rolex watches originally delivered to France. The hidden-clasp Jubilee bracelet features the French importation hallmarks as well, which tells us the bracelet is original to that watch. The original white Buckley dial and hands are simply beautiful against the yellow gold case. The details in this yellow gold Datejust amount to not only an attractive wristwatch but a truly collectible and original timepiece.


Stock # RLXDJYG16018B
Brand Rolex
Style Datejust
Model 16018
Serial 61XXXXX
Size Men's
Material 18k Yellow Gold
Dial White "Buckley Dial"
Millimeters 36
Bracelet Rolex 18k YG 8386 Hidden-Clasp Jubilee Bracelet W/ SEL


The 18k yellow gold case has achieved a charming rose patina as a result of never being polished, displaying its original factory finishing throughout with honest signs of use. The 18k yellow gold fluted bezel is simply remarkable and shows no major signs of previous use. The unpolished case back features a double hallmark along with a French importation hallmark. The original 18k yellow gold Rolex 8386 hidden-clasp Jubilee bracelet features multiple hallmarks as well as the same French importation hallmark as the case. The bracelet retains 22 links that exhibit stretch, which is normal to see due to the bracelet's material and age.


The original white "Buckley dial" is excellently preserved with no major signs of age or blemishes. The tritium lume plots have taken on a handsome creamy patina, under U.V. light inspection all of the lume plots remain intact, however, some of the lume plots exhibit light degradation. The original black "Buckley" hands have aged to a more golden coloration and accent the dial nicely, under U.V. light inspections the hands show no lume loss or degradation. The gold date wheel is era correct with open 6's and 9's.


None. The watch was recently serviced and is keeping time perfectly, backed by a 1-year warranty on accurate timekeeping.