*Unpolished* 1979 Rolex Day-Date (Ref. 18038) 18k YG "Onyx Dial"

For a short period of time Rolex manufactured timepieces featuring exotic materials. Such as dials mode from various minerals, woods, and stone including Black Onyx, African Mahogany, Lapis Lazuli, and Birch among others. Most commonly these watches were produced in 18K yellow gold. These style variants are always strikingly vivid with high contrast and minimalist design. Due to only being in production for a short era, today's collectability for these pieces is very high.

1985 Rolex Day Date Onyx Dial (Ref. 18038) 18k YG

In 1977, Rolex updated the iconic Day-Date model aka the President by introducing Ref. 18038 which introduced some major changes to the Day-Date line of watches, including the introduction of a sapphire crystal and the quick set date function aka the "single quick" which was the result of Rolex using a new movement, the Rolex caliber 3055.

Premier examples of these exotic Rolex Day-Date references have become exponentially harder to find because of a cult following surrounding them, and a lack of circulation due to the coveted value each unique dial retains. In other words, collectors love these watches and rarely sell them, so when they come up for sale it’s always special.


Stock #
Brand Rolex
Style Day-Date
Model 18038
Serial 58XXXXX
Size Men's
Material 18K Solid Yellow Gold
Dial Onyx Stone
Millimeters 36
Strap Rolex President 18k YG


The sharp and unpolished 18k yellow gold case is exceptionally well-preserved, exhibiting no knicks or scratches, and features extremely crisp factory finishing through the tops of the lugs to the back of the case. The 18k yellow gold fluted bezel is just as sharp as the case and in just as impressive condition. The sapphire crystal remains clear and clean from damage. The case exhibits a subtle yet beautiful rosy patina throughout from age and oxidation as a result of the case never being polished. The 18k YG President bracelet is also in excellent condition and retains 22 links that show almost no stretch from use.


The original Onyx stone dial remains in flawless factory condition, displaying an unmatched depth and exclusive aesthetic to the wearer's wrist. The dial itself exhibits no cracks or damage to the stone and the text is all presented beautifully. The original solid yellow gold hands remain untouched as well.


None. The watch was recently serviced and is running at COSC spec. The watch will come with a one-year warranty on accurate timekeeping.