1960s Gallet Flying Officer World Time Clamshell Chronograph W/ Box & Guarantee

$ 7,500

Gallet & Co. has been synonymous with horology for 550 years dating back to the year 1466 when founded by Humbertus Gallet. Gallet & Co. introduced some of the most useful wristwatch complications of today including the first wrist-worn chronograph, regatta timer, and GMT chronograph. Gallet today remains well respected among vintage enthusiasts alike and appreciated for its fine attention to detail and wonderfully executed wristwatches. 

Though it is widely known that Rolex introduced the first commercially available waterproof watch with the Rolex Oyster in 1926, this innovation was only available in time-only wristwatches. The first waterproof chronograph was invented by Schmitz Frères et Cie, a wristwatch case manufacturer in Grenchen, Switzerland. They submitted a patent (No. 189190) in 1936 for a three-part "waterproof" watch casing design.

This innovative concept encloses the movement within a steel "clamshell," which is then inserted into the upper bezel assembly with lugs secured by four screws. While initially implemented by Fortis in 1937, it was Gallet's version, launched in 1938 and dubbed the "Clamshell", that would become the enduring name associated with this design innovation


The Flying Officer is known as Gallet's most popular model. Boasting a distinct two-register chronograph, and an impressive amount of notable cities from around the globe printed on the outer ring of the dial, which allows the wearer to track the time in various destinations with the rotating bezel. Gallet introduced the Flying Officer watch for US military pilots during WWII, and it is said that the watch was worn by hundreds of American and British aviators in the war. Famously, the 33rd US president, Harry Truman wore one as well and he was not coy about his love for Gallet. 

Brand Gallet
Style "Clamshell" Chronograph
Model Flying Officer
Serial N/A
Size Men's
Material Stainless Steel
Dial Glossy Black
Millimeters 34.5
Bracelet 2pc Handmade Leather Strap


The well-preserved and very handsome clamshell-style stainless steel case exhibits minimal signs of previous polishing and retains strong angles and dimensions throughout. The original bidirectional rotating bezel is also in great condition, showing minimal signs of use. The case back  The case back is in very clean condition and retains the screws which attach the case components. The watch comes supplied on a 2pc handmade leather strap.


The original glossy black dial is in truly exceptional, near-perfect condition, with the exception of a few minor spots of age, however, no actual damage is present on the dial. All of the white and red text remains fully present and in excellent condition. The strontium 90 lume plots have achieved a charming yellow patina with no degradation present under UV light inspection. The original strontium 90 lumed hands exhibit no degradation and match the dial patina perfectly, with a slightly darker patina present toward the tips.


The watch comes complete with its original box and folded guarantee pamphlet. The watch is keeping time, but the service history is unknown. A movement service can be provided upon request.

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