1969 Seiko Hi-Beat Professional Diver (Ref. 6159-7001)

We all know that Seiko carries a rich history, one of sleek designs and indestructible build quality, of beautiful oddities, and out-of-the-box classics. Seiko has built everything from elegant dress watches to diving pieces and chronographs, all while quietly beating their Swiss competitors in technical sophistication in nearly every era. Here we have the beautiful Hi-Beat Professional Diver, ref. 6159-7001, one of Seiko's very first offers to the professional diving community and a watch made for only 2 short years.

Stock # SKO61597001
Brand Seiko
Style Hi-Beat Professional Diver
Model 6159-7001
Serial 74XXXX
Size Men's
Material Stainless Steel
Dial Matte Black
Millimeters 44
Bracelet 2pc Rubber Tropic Strap



While showing its 50+ years of life, the case of this 6159-7001 remains thick and sharp. All 44 millimeters of stainless steel, while seeming on paper to be a touch large, wear remarkably well on the wrist. It features a screw-down case back and crown, the latter taking its now-iconic place at the 4 o'clock position. The rotating bezel is in fantastic condition. The watch is supplied on a 2pc rubber tropic strap.


The dial is a deep, inky black. The perfect backing for the bright white and gold of the rest of the dial. The hour markers and hands are bold, they jump off the dial in such a way as to totally disallow one from ever misreading the time. The use of gold trim and lettering creates a simultaneous feeling of luxury and purpose, a deceivingly difficult combination to achieve. One of our favorite parts of this robust dive watch is also one of its most diminutive contributors, that absolutely fantastic "Stoplight" sweeping seconds hand. Go ahead and zoom in on that.


None. The watch was recently serviced in 2020 by Los Angeles Watchworks and is in perfect working order.

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