1979 Rolex Air-King (Ref. 5500) "Pool Intairdril" Dial

This 1979 Rolex Air-King (ref. 5500) bears a co-branded dial with the Pool Intairdril Logo. The Pool Intairdril watches are quite rare as they were produced by Rolex in the late 1970s into the early 1980s for Pool Intairdrill which was an oil servicing company. Pool Intairdrill supplied the labor, rigs, plants, etc to the big named oil companies, ie Oxy (Occidental), Agip, and the Libyan NOC (National Oil Company). These watches were given to Pool Intairdril employees typically as safety awards. Safety was a huge issue, each rig was proud of its run of accident-free days and rig managers and other personnel in charge of safety management would be given the Rolex Air kings with their names engraved into the case back along with a certificate of commendation. 

1979 Rolex Air-King (Ref. 5500) "Pool Intairdril" Dial

Stock # RLXAK79PI-3
Brand Rolex
Style Air-King
Model 5500
Serial 63XXXXX
Size Men's
Material Stainless Steel
Dial Silver "Pool Intairdril"
Millimeters 34
Bracelet Rolex 7835 Oyster Bracelet W/ 357 End Pieces



The excellent case retains full and symmetrical lugs that exhibit crisp finishing and show minimal signs of previous polishing or wear from use. The smooth stainless steel bezel is clean with no notable signs of use present. The case back retains its original "Safety Award" engravings from when the watch was originally awarded in 1982, some light wear is present on the case back. The Rolex 7835 "folded-link" Oyster bracelet with 357 end pieces retains 12 links that exhibit minimal stretch and will fit up to a 6 3/4-inch wrist.


The original "Pool Intairdril" silver dial is in exceptional condition, showing no damage or notable age. The "Pool Intairdril" logo remains fully intact. The tritium lume plots feature a handsome ivory color and exhibit no degradation when inspected under U.V. light. The original tritium hands have aged to a dark grey color which is common and display no lume loss or degradation under U.V. light inspection.


None. The watch has just received a full service and is keeping time perfectly, backed by a 1-year warranty on accurate timekeeping.

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