Modello Due UC2 Classic

$ 545

While UNIMATIC has only been around since 2015, what the brand lacks in legacy it more than makes up for with a perfect blend of vintage-inspired style and sturdy, modern materials. Founded in Milan, Italy, by a couple of industrial designers, UNIMATIC has made a name for itself by crafting minimalist yet timeless watch designs. And they make every watch in Italy, each individually numbered, while using tried-and-true movements from Seiko and Sellita to keep them both affordable and reliable. 

Take the best parts of your favorite field watches, strip out any unnecessary fluff or ephemera, then make it look as if it’s been carved out of a single block of steel and you’ve got the UNIMATIC Modello Due UC2. 

Featuring a fit-for-every-wrist 38.5mm brushed stainless steel case, a matte black dial, and a black nylon strap, the UC2 is simplicity in the very best way. Add to that, 300m of water resistance and 41 hours of power reserve thanks to the Seiko NH35A movement, and you’ve got a classically stylish watch that can go the distance without breaking the bank.


Style Unimatic
Model Modello Due
Style UC2
Size Men's
Material Stainless Steel
Dial Black
Millimeters 38
Strap Black Unimatic Nylon Two-Pieces Strap


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