Flat Link Bracelet for Omega Speedmaster - Fully Brushed

The flat link bracelet was, in our view, one of the most beautifully designed, and comfortable bracelets ever offered by Omega. Its links were thin and short, offering a sort of liquid flexibility. They never overpowered the watches they were paired with but played the supporting role to perfection. The bracelet had the perfect amount of stretch, as to remain comfortable throughout the day regardless of temperature or physiological fluctuation. It was finished beautifully, fully brushed so that any reflected light is soft and understated. And all of this rattly vintage charm has been recreated for the modern-day, by Forstner. The company has built its own version of the flat link bracelet, keeping the beauty of the original but improving it for fit, convenience, and wearability.

The Details

  • Solid 316L stainless steel, including solid steel end piece (to provide a more flush fit to the case).

  • Links can be removed conveniently via a single-screw system. In addition, Forstner has added a set of spring-loaded "stretchy" links behind the clasp--keeping with the vintage feel--to ensure that the bracelet will fit comfortably all day long, despite variations in temperature and weather.

  • Bracelet tapers from 20mm at the end piece to 16mm at the clasp. Length is adjustable (via single screw system and micro-adjustment in clasp) from 120mm to 180mm (fits wrists ranging from approximately 6 to 8 inches). Screwdriver included for sizing.

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