President (Ref. 1450) Bracelet for Omega Speedmaster

The vintage Omega 1450 Bracelet has been famously lauded as "one of the best Speedmaster bracelets that has been produced" and is now routinely dubbed the "Holy Grail" of Omega bracelets. Now Forstner has given Speedmaster collectors and Omega fans their chance to experience, for themselves, just why that is. Forstner has faithfully recreated the 1450 bracelet to exacting detail, including the true-to-original rounded solid H-shaped end pieces. It is substantial, extremely comfortable, and stunningly engineered.  With differently-sized rounded links extending all the way to the end piece (which itself is so rounded it doesn't extend flush to the lugs), and stretch links at the clasp, Forstner's "President 1450" bracelet is the epitome of charm, convenience, and comfort.

The Details

  • The President (1450) bracelet is constructed of solid 316L stainless steel, and links taper from 20mm to 16mm at the clasp.

  • To ensure optimal comfort throughout the day without the need for adjustment, Forstner has included two "stretchy" links behind the clasp.

  • The length is adjustable (via single screw system and micro-adjustment in clasp) from 120mm to 180mm (fits wrists ranging from approximately 6 to 8 inches). Screwdriver included for sizing.

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