Craft & Tailored

Suede Watch Strap - Aegean

The "Aegean" strap is named after the Aegean Sea, its coasts, and the eyecatching blue waters of the Greek islands. Blue straps will work well on steel, white gold, or even better yet watches encased in platinum. Additionally, any watch with a blue dial will pair perfectly with the "Aegean"!


 The Details

Our Suede Watch Straps are handcrafted in Italy with supple fine-grain suede in a full stitch style that is classy yet modern. Our suede straps are thin but durable, and over time will break in molding to your wrist for the perfect fit. The soft suede is perfectly suited for a variety of watches from dress to sport that will elevate the look of any vintage watch. Our straps are built to last and will only get better with age as the leather will take on a robust patina the more you wear them. Our suede straps come in 18mm, 19mm, and 20mm sizes and taper down to fit a standard 16mm buckle. A stainless steel buckle is included with the strap (A gold buckle can be added by request.